D.O.T. Onsite Drug Testing

Does Fas-Tes® perform onsite D.O.T. drug and alcohol testing? Answer: Absolutely YES!

We are happy to come to your company location or an alternate post accident site and administer a 5 panel DOT NIDA urine collection. We can perform on site DOT breath alcohol testing with our portable digital alcohol evidential breath tester. Our staff members are all Trained and Certified as a BAT (Breath Alcohol Tester) on the Phoenix Lifeloc evidential breath testing equipment. We can perform an alternate DOT approved saliva test strip if a candidate is physically unable to perform a breath test.

We offer “After Hours” drug and alcohol testing to accommodate busy schedules or urgent testing needs.

Whether it is an emergency post accident drug test or a planned random drug test for your entire staff, Fas-Tes® drug testing will drive to your desired location and convert your bathroom into a D.O.T. compliant testing room and perform certified professional collections for your company.

If you would like to discuss having a certified professional collector  from Fas-Tes® perform on site testing for your company, please contact us either by filling out the Contact Us form on this web page or call us at 210-522-9675. It will be our pleasure to serve you!

Fas-Tes® does have a minimum onsite fee for sending a certified professional collector to your place of business and for after hours or urgent collections

Would you like D.O.T. Drug Testing to come to you?

Fas-Tes® Drug Testing offers on site DOT drug and alcohol testing.